Create a Booked Perfectly & Profitable Beauty Business - You & Your Clients Love!

A 60-Day Success Challenge designed to give you the simple, intentional, and consistent income-producing activities that will help you market effectively, book perfectly, and significantly increase your income!


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Book Perfectly

Learn to call in those who need your work and get them booking repeatedly.

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Increase Income

Make more money pursuing your passion and doing what you love.

Learn to earn!

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Embody Confidence

Confidence is the trait most associated with success.

Together we'll boost yours.

Beauty Entrepreneurs

The Beauty Biz Success Challenge is only offered ONCE per year.

Don’t miss your only chance in 2023 to join in on the action that will transform your business and your bank account and have you smiling rather than stressing for the rest of the year!

Why is The Beauty Biz Success Challenge So Special?

Well, for starters, it's FUN!

The challenges each week are easy - anyone can do them (yes, anyone).

They are SUPER EFFECTIVE, yet they're FAST and won't take a lot of time out of your day. (Each Monday, the challenge for the week is posted. It will be a 15-20 minute audio message plus any supportive worksheets you might need.)

They keep you making consistent biz-boosting steps that really give you MAGICAL results! Consistency is key in keeping business growth strong but so often we can fall into a rut and our income producing actions just tend to drop off.

The 60-Day Challenge is the jumpstart you need to kick things into high gear!

There's a collective, supportive energy that keeps you inspired, motivated, and accountable because so many beauty biz practitioners are going through the challenge at the same time. We all talk about our sticking points with the weekly challenges and work through them together... and we celebrate our wins together too!

Use a Proven Money-Maker If You Want To See Record Growth

Look, it's time to stop treating your business like a hobby (something you work on when you can get to it ) and start building a thriving beauty business instead.

You know the truth...

This isn’t a hobby for you. This is your business. Your passion. Your livelihood. Your path in life.

Isn't it time to show the rest of the world that truth?

You're in the right place...

The beauty industry generates hundreds of billions of dollars every year, and there’s no reason YOU can’t tap into it. Don’t be afraid to be BOLD and claim it!

Learn how to create connection and improve lives while increasing profits… all without ever feeling sales-y.

You're going to get easy steps to teach you how to create and nurture genuine relationships with your clients. It’s human nature, we all want to feel important and valued. Make sure your clients know how much you appreciate them. They won’t just keep coming back, they’ll start referring their friends! This challenge gets you going by showing you the right actions to do... and the right time to do them.

You CAN scale a successful six-figure business quickly and easily using a few simple strategies - done consistently - that are proven to get results every single time. This 60-Day Challenge can help you... if you say, "Yes!"

What’s The Investment?

First, let me ask you...

How much is ineffective marketing costing you?

How much are you spending to reach clients who never see your message or aren’t listening because you're not saying the right things to get their attention?

How much money are you leaving on the table every single day because you don’t know how to effectively generate repeat business?

How much would it be worth to finally learn the simple strategies that will turn casual customers into loyal clients?

Bottom line: Your current strategy could be costing you BIG TIME!


It's time to change what is taking up your valuable time and not working.

You are a Beauty Biz Professional with the passion and skill to change lives...


It's ON! ...Are you ready?



Manifestation Mindset Training

This foundational success training is immediately available to you when you enroll in the 60 Day Challenge. This training was created to help you get your head in the game before the challenge starts so your energy and your mindset will be ready to confidently create the success you crave during the challenge... and beyond!

In this training, you will learn...

  • How to trust the manifesting process
  • How to powerfully call in what you want
  • How to remove the blocks to receiving what you want
  • How to claim and stay in the right mindset
  • Why wishing isn’t the way
  • Exactly where to start welcoming in abundance
  • How to know it's working and receive with gratitude
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Is The 60-Challenge Right For You?

The 60 Day Challenge is not for everybody. See if it is a good fit for you and your biz...


  • Beauty Biz practitioners ready to step into a "take charge" Mogul Mindset.
  • Beauty entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others feel confident and beautiful and want to make a fabulous living doing so.
  • Practitioners who are ready to power-up and welcome LOADS of success into their business.
  • Practitioners who are ready to welcome a 6-figure income using strategies their competitors simply aren’t utilizing.


  • Practitioners who are not open-minded or ready to try modern methods of client attraction.
  • Practitioners who are happy with their business just as it is - no point in shaking things up.
  • Anyone who is not excited to proudly share their service offerings to their community.
  • If you have felt for any reason that you are undeserving of a career that lights your beauty biz soul on fire.

Join the 60 Day Beauty Biz Success Challenge!

  • week 1

    In Week 1, you’ll learn The Setting up for Success | Abundance Manifesto

    proven action steps plus discover your unlimited source of abundance

  • week 2

    In Week 2, you’ll learn to create The “Fortune” Flow

    create cash flow and discover a tiny but calculated shift that changes EVERYTHING

  • week 3

    In Week 3, you’ll learn what I call, "Ears to Earn"

    quick, simple, and will spike your sales to a place of wow

  • week 4

    In Week 4, you’ll learn about Raising Your Retail Vibe

    Retail should be a big-time boost to your bottom line - we are talking $25,000 - $50,000 increase

  • week 5

    In Week 5, you’ll learn to Price it Perfectly

    break through the walls blocking you from charging what you're worth and earning the money you deserve

  • week 6

    In Week 6, you’ll learn Rapid Referral Generation

    practical tools and tactics to tap into a growth goldmine from client referrals

  • week 7

    In Week 7, you’ll learn about Savvy Spending

    stop wasting your time with strategies that don’t work, avoid the mistakes everyone else is making

  • week 8

    In Week 8, you’ll learn The Gift to Get Strategy

    take full advantage of being a small business owner & implement this Sales Booster Approach.

  • week 9

    In Week 9, you’ll learn Performance Power Secrets

    lead a rich life that includes a booming business and space to embrace your personal best

  • week 10

    In Week 10, you’ll learn how to Tap Into Your Inner Champion

    Stay focused on what truly matters plus next steps for your success journey

The Beauty Biz Success Challenge is offered only ONCE annually, so don’t miss your only chance in 2023 to transform your business and your bottom line!

By the time the 4th Quarter rolls around, you'll still be in full stride rather than slowing down.

What I am here to share with you will change everything.

Let's do this together!


Q. I am a newbie, will this work for me? Or, what if I am already a successful practitioner, what's in it for me?
For those just starting out, you’ll gain access ton of foundational tools to help you quickly attract the right clients into your beauty practice.

And, for those of you who are rocking it as beauty entrepreneurs, this will help reignite passion, refocus, find better systems and help you tap into your next level of success.

Q. Are you offering a payment plan?
YES! I want this challenge to be available to every beauty practitioner who is willing to invest in becoming confident, proud and profitable!

Q. What can I expect from the 60-day challenge?
Fresh Ideas. Modern Methods. Practical Strategies. Confidence. Direction. Inspired Action Steps.

Q. I'm so busy right now. Wondering if I have the time?
The challenge is only offered 1x per year, but you can start whenever you want. All you have to do is pop in the group anytime during the 10 weeks and download the content – then it’s yours to immerse in when you’re ready.

Q. Can you guarantee specific results?
The 60-day Challenge is one of my favorite programs to offer because I have watched it positively impact the lives and businesses of so many practitioners, time and time again. It truly has proven to be a transformational experience for so many beauty biz practitioners.

The stories I share on the page are from real practitioners who have worked with me inside my programs, but of course, results depend on many variables and many of those are outside my control.

Just like we tell the acne client who wants results after one facial – results vary and take time. Also, my legal team insists that I state that increased income is not guaranteed.

The testimonials on this page are a direct result of what the individuals did with the material and how much they engaged so it may not be what all challengers’ experience.

This is a program of participation. Success just isn't a spectator sport so you cannot expect to receive the full benefit of this challenge merely by signing up. You must engage and use the tools given if you wish to get the most from your investment in the program.

Q. What if I am over-thinking if I should join?
Then the investment probably means something to you. We usually over-think the things that trigger emotion in us. I bet you are longing to do, be, and have more - it's normal to feel scared when stepping forward into something that creates change.

Most likely, you are feeling good fear, as I call it, and don't worry, this just means you're human. Feel it, acknowledge it and keep moving forward.

Here’s my favorite definition of fear that might help you bravely step forward into creating beauty and success...

F.E.A.R = Feeling. Excited. And. Ready.

100 percent

Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll... love the vibrant group energy, immediately see the potential, and embrace the opportunity to infuse your beauty biz practice with a new success focus that we offer a money back guarantee! Within the first 10 days of the program start date, if you decide you aren’t ready to skyrocket your success and create a six-figure beauty biz, simply email us at and we will happily issue you a refund and wish you the best.

About Beauty Biz Coach, Lori Crete

A finalist for American Spa Magazine’s Women in Wellness Mentor of the Year, Lori Crete is a highly sought after industry expert and licensed celebrity esthetician. Owner of Southern California’s Spa 10, she is also the founder of The Beauty Biz Club™, a success-based society dedicated to helping beauty practitioners around the world become booked perfectly and profitable.

Quoted as “Top Celebrity Esthetician” by Guthy-Renker and labeled a `Beauty Guru’ by, she also is the creator of a highly rated iTunes podcast, The Beauty Biz Show with Lori Crete and the newly released SpaStar™ Luxury Wraps. She has been featured on KESQ Health and News, MTV, ABC, CBS Evening News and Fox 11. Lori also leads the Beauty Biz Workshop Retreat™, a sold-out 2-day event fostering community and guidance for beauty business practitioners.

Whether you see her in her spa, the classroom, on the web or on stage, her mission is to inspire the people around her to live beautifully.

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Don't miss this year's only chance to enjoy exponential growth with the 60 Day Beauty Biz Success Challenge!