Hi, I'm Lori Crete and I'm glad you're here! 

It’s my mission to help my fellow beauty practitioners bust through stagnant industry norms and learn how to flourish in our profession. 

It IS possible to make a beautiful, abundant living doing what you love.

“It’s my mission to help my fellow beauty practitioners burst through stagnant industry norms to flourish in our profession and make a beautiful, abundant living doing what they love.”

Are you giving your business everything you have, but it’s still not enough to pay the bills? 

Are you searching for a way to grow your business and increase your income... without hiring someone to help you do it?

Are you ready to welcome success and fall in love with your beauty biz?

Then start with my FREE Beauty Biz Success Audit Checklist to quickly see where you should spend your valuable time to make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

TRUTH: The most successful beauty practices are the ones that take the time to tend to the "business" of the business.

You have to spend time working ON your business and not just IN it. I'm here to help!

I've created a quick business checkup for you. It's an audit that will show you where you stand and where you should focus to skyrocket your success. You'll get the downloadable audit checklist for FREE when you subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

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A Professional Success Based Society

The Beauty Biz Club™ is the only virtual mastermind  and membership program designed to shift practitioners into their highest level of success.

Dramatically up your bookings and increase your profits by learning the practical tips, tools and techniques that will enrich your world as a practitioner or a beauty biz owner.

The Beauty Biz Club™ provides you with the ongoing resources needed to build, run and flourish in your practice.

​ The Beauty Biz Show: A Top-Rated Podcast

An Industry Specific Podcast

Listen in to real conversations, inspirational messages and practical tips from beauty industry gurus.

Each episode is designed to help you tap into your best success and leave you feeling inspired to build the beauty biz of your dreams!

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