1:1 Exclusive Profit-Building Coaching

For individuals who are tired of the “status-quo” and are ready to PLAY BIGGER in their beauty biz! Success coaching is specifically designed to help you achieve personalized guidance for your long-term success. Private coaching is intended for the beauty biz practitioner who takes this career seriously, can commit to doing the work involved, and who is ready for significant change. It’s no-excuses, high-level intensive work.

What Do You Work On?

This is where you get to work one-on-one together with a success coach to map out a step-by-step customized strategy to accomplish your most burning desire – whether that is to attract more clients, get more referrals, transition your practice or just to make more money.

Get the guidance and exclusive support you need to increase your success and profitability.

Revenue Generation

A realistic revenue-generating plan of action. Map out where your hard earned dollars will be best spent to bring in new clients, create supreme loyalty and off the chart profits.

What Are Your Missing?

Overview of what you are “overlooking”. This is where we uncover your hidden fortune and how to utilize your current products and services to create a flow of cash into your practice.

You - The Rock Star

Demographic overview and creation of what works best to attract clients in your specific community. Together we lay out an easy to follow map of how you will become the go to guru in area.

It's Game-Changing

But don't just take my word for it...


2016 was my 1st full year running my own business. My goal was $220,000 and I finished the year at $198,000!

1:1 coaching with Lori has helped me solve problems and move forward quickly in my skin care business . Her approach is very creative and she is quick problem solver. She has an excellent business mind and she is resourceful and knowledgeable about the skincare industry and definitely someone you can trust to follow the lead.

Spela Hernandaz, LE

Marisa’s Skin Care has DOUBLED its sales revenue in less than six months!

Since opening in February, Marisa’s Skin Care has DOUBLED its sales revenue in less than six months by steadfast dedication along with more than a little bit of help from Lori Crete. I am quickly on my way to becoming a Six-Figure esthetician. In addition to the amazing numbers my salon is doing, I see myself growing into a confident business woman. I am so very thankful to have the guidance from my mentor, business coach, and friend Lori Crete to help me attain my goals.

Marissa Head - Marisa’s Skin Care

I won’t have enough words to describe how valuable of a coach Lori is to me.

Lori has coached me to organize my ideas at this point and helped me put a plan into action. She is organized, motivational and realistic all in one person! I won’t have enough words to describe how valuable of a coach she is to me…..and we will definitely have a long coaching relationship because I consider her a quality woman to associate with.

Johanne Wayne - CN Clinical Nutritionist and Licensed Esthetician

I’ve had one session so far with Lori and amazing things are happening – fast.

I’ve had one session so far with Lori and amazing things are happening – fast. I really like how caring, organized and knowledgeable she is in regards to both the esthetician industry and marketing. I’ve had some coaching sessions with other people and in the past and all they did was listen and make a few suggestions. In my first call with Lori, it was obvious she had done a lot of homework in order to help me with my needs. I was so impressed that she had done marketing research in my city. She knew who my competition was, which networking meetings were going on, and more. Wow! I received so much support and help from her in just one hour. She was concise, encouraging and so prepared. I am still blown away.

The same day of my coaching call with her, I got an amazing opportunity and bought a beautiful red Prius. I was needing to buy a car, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen that fast! One of my goals I talked with Lori about was to find a new office space. I have been at my current place for over 13 years and have been looking here and there for a new place to better fit my desires. With Lori’s help, I set a goal of 3 months to find a new office space. Well, in less than one month of our coaching call, I have found a beautiful new office space. I’m moving in one month! I highly recommend Lori as a business coach. You better be ready for success though!

Shelley Brooks - Conscious Skin Care, Alameda, CA

I made my money back and gained 5 new clients!!

Lori really helped me understand how to present myself in a personal yet business savvy manner for a skin care party to help boost my clientele. Our hour long session taught me so much, she is personable and so easy to talk to. Lori emailed me an outline of what we spoke about, so i wouldn’t have to worry about writing notes the entire time! I made my money back and gained 5 new clients!!! I am confident that Lori and her coaching and industry skills will get you where you need to be in your business too! I will always contact her before I make any important business decisions.

Lisa - Licensed Esthetician

Your Coaches

Lori Crete

A finalist for American Spa Magazine’s 2017 Women in Wellness Mentor of the Year, Lori Crete is a highly sought after industry expert, speaker, and licensed celebrity esthetician.

Owner of Southern California’s Spa 10 and Lori Crete Skin Care in Palm Desert, she is also the founder of The Beauty Biz Club™, a Success-Based Society dedicated to helping beauty practitioners around the world fill their schedule, increase their profits, be seen as respected professionals and breakthrough to the 6-figure mark. 

Quoted as “Top Celebrity Esthetician” by Guthy-Renker and labeled a "Beauty Guru" by ExtraTV.com, she also is the creator of the highly rated iTunes podcast, The Beauty Biz Show with Lori Crete.

Lori has been featured on KESQ Health and News, MTV, ABC, CBS Evening News and Fox 11. Lori also leads the Beauty Biz Workshop Retreat™, a sold-out 2-day event fostering community and guidance for beauty business practitioners. 

Whether you see her in her spa, in the classroom, on the web or on stage, her mission is always to inspire the people around her to live beautifully and successfully.

The Investment:

$350/Single Session

$1350/4 Sessions

Lauren Snow

Lauren Snow serves as the Executive Consultant for the Beauty Biz Club and Chief Creative Officer for the BestieEstie.com blog. She is a brand and marketing strategist who partners with skin care professionals to help them grow their business, reach career goals and achieve financial success. Snow has passionately supported thousands of estheticians throughout her career and has worked with hundreds of skin care manufacturers across the United States. 

As a skilled licensed esthetician and spa marketing expert, Lauren has landed coverage in consumer publications such as The Chicago TribuneGood Housekeeping, and FitFabFun. Her articles are also featured in industry trade magazines. Snow is a passionate speaker and accomplished author whose work also includes the book, Outstanding Esthetics. Snow serves on the advisory board of two esthetics schools and also serves on the advisory board for the National Aesthetic Spa Network (NASN).

Additionally, Snow previously served as Executive Director and Director of Membership for the largest association in the nation for estheticians (ASCP). Snow holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in public relations and advertising from the University of Northern Colorado.

The Investment:

$300/Single Session

$1150/4 Sessions

Single Session

4 Sessions

60 Minutes

60 Minutes Each

Single sessions are designed to map out a success plan of action for your specific needs. Lori has coached hundreds of beauty biz practitioners helping them breakthrough the 6-figure income earning barrier and beyond by sharing her industry experience, trade secrets, and easy to implement systems.

This series is designed to provide you with long term growth and support. Each session will cover the creation of a success building plan of action. The fortune is very often found in the follow up. This series will hold you accountable to accomplish the goals and intention we design together to grow your business.


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