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Coaching allows you to break through barriers and welcome success!

Success coaching is specifically designed to help you achieve personalized guidance for your long-term success. Private coaching is intended for the beauty biz practitioner who takes this career seriously, can commit to doing the work involved, and who is ready for significant change.

It's no-excuses, high-level intensive work.

Breakthrough Barriers
and Welcome Success

Everyone has the potential to become massively successful! Let us help YOU discover your hidden talents, so you are empowered to tap into your profitable passion skillset.

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Revenue Generation

A realistic revenue-generating plan of action. Map out where your hard earned dollars will be best spent to bring in new clients, create supreme loyalty and off the chart profits.

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What Are You Missing?

Overview of what you are “overlooking”. This is where we uncover your hidden fortune and how to utilize your current products and services to create a flow of cash into your practice.

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You - The Rock Star

Demographic overview and creation of what works best to attract clients in your specific community. Together we lay out an easy to follow map of how you will become the go to guru in area.

Partnering to Create
Your Success

Invest in yourself and cultivate the confidence you need to get where you want to go. Coaching gives you expert guidance, personal support and tried + true resources to help you amplify your success.

Let's Get You Started Today

Your Coaches


Licensed Esthetician | Growth Strategist

Lori has helped thousands of beauty professionals become booked perfectly and profitable, and she can't wait to help you tap into your truest potential. Are you ready to build a beauty biz that you are proud of?

Lori's Coaching Specialities:

  • Strategic planning of services and equipment needed to call in high-quality clientele
  • Design and execution of a booked perfectly protocol for your practice
  • Time management and accountability plan of action
  • Proper pricing and modern menu creation
  • Assessment of current revenues and insight on how to quickly increase profitability
  • Solution-oriented problem solving to overcome current roadblocks
  • Discovery of mindset and mechanics needed to courageously build a beauty biz of your dreams

Beauty professionals choose Lori because she is a working esthetician who understands the formula needed to create beauty and success.


Karla Hudson

Club Concierge | Licensed Esthetician

Karla brings the warmth of Southern charm and her decades-long passion for the beauty industry when she helps her clients achieve their goals and realize their potential.

Karla's Coaching Specialities:

  • Working with professionals to drive retail, service and provider sales
  • Teaching how to sell retail like a rockstar, taking the fear out of selling by making simple changes
  • Guidance in building long-lasting client relationships
  • Creative promotion planning and execution
  • Skin care lines and selections (plus the questions you need to ask your reps!)
  • Mindset mastery to improve motivation and focus with clear direction, action plans and dedication

Beauty professionals choose Karla because of her sincere enthusiasm for lifting others up so they can succeed. She's a firm believer in empowerment, and clients feel like they can conquer the world after working with her.

Beauty Business Coaching

Kendra Villarreal

Club Concierge | Licensed Esthetician

Kendra has been a working esthetician for over 16 years and loves to inspire other estheticians to reach their dream goals. Her mission is to provide coaching to estheticians looking to power up in any stage of business.

Kendra’s coaching specialties:

  • Private Label Beauty Products - from set up to selling like a Queen
  • Online Scheduling - how to make it easy for you to capture that appointment by taking out any confusion for your client
  • Creating a Superior Client Experience - keep them coming back with little touches that mean a lot
  • Creating A Client List You Love - you don't have to work with the clients that make you crazy
  • Marketing To Your Dream Client
  • Helping Clients Avoid Analysis Paralysis - getting them to take the first step (also helping you figure out what that first step is)

Beauty professionals choose Kendra because of her passion to help estheticians realize their potential, redefine what's possible, dream bigger, and create a schedule they love.


Marisa Head

Club Concierge | Licensed Esthetician

To sum up Marisa, she’s driven and inspired. Endlessly outgoing, genuine as a person and as a businesswoman. She has been a Licensed Esthetician for 15 years. Her focus is on guiding Licensed Estheticians to fine tune their crafts to create a well-rounded speciality of services.

Marisa’s coaching specialties:

  • Solo practitioners transitioning to salon owners overseeing employees.
  • Successful exit strategies to go from being a practicing esthetician to building a team that practices your unique method and brand.
  • How to build a salon culture that encourages dedicated and loyal employees through proper training, encouragement, compensation.
  • How to successfully grow and scale business that is modern and on trend with the desires & needs of your community.
  • Organizing salon owners budgets.
  • Delegating for business success.
  • Mindset for success.

Beauty professionals choose Marisa because of her wealth of experience, dedication to the industry, and proven business success.

Debbie Rebar Beauty Business Consultant

Debbie Rebar

Strategist & Consultant for Online Business Operations | SmartBlogger Certified Content Marketer | Copywriter | Editor | SEO Strategist & Writer | Tech Wrangler

Debbie has worked in the online business and marketing space for 20 years (and has been supporting Lori for 10+ years). Her mission is to help business owners avoid wasting time and making costly mistakes in building and running their online business operations & getting their messaging right to attract their ideal customers. In a nutshell, she designs solutions that work, fixes things that are broken, and generally makes things better and easier to manage.

Debbie’s Coaching Specialties:

  • Customized solutions for presenting your business online in a straightforward, effective and clear manner (branding, messaging, etc).
  • Helping you determine what you need and what you don’t need to spend time or money on.
  • Problem solving tech challenges so you’re spending less time trying to figure things out yourself.
  • Streamlining processes so you’re doing what works for you and and your business.
  • SEO strategies so you’re found more easily by those looking for what you offer.

Beauty professionals choose Debbie because she helps them get through all the confusing stuff around marketing and running one's business online. With a 15+ year corporate career, 20 years running her own thriving online business, and more training and certifications than even she can keep track of, clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that they’re in good hands.

Sessions Are 60 Minutes

Coaching sessions are designed to map out a success plan of action for your specific needs. Lori and her team have coached hundreds of beauty biz practitioners helping them break through barriers, become booked perfectly and profitable by sharing industry experience, trade secrets, and easy to implement systems.

coaching is by application only: