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These are the tested and proven resources I use every day in my beauty biz to keep it running smoothly and on a strong foundation. I highly recommend them for you.

The Non-Negotiables

These are the "must have" resources
for every beauty biz professional

Rock Star Rituals

It's no secret that our daily rituals define us and are the foundation of our success (or lack of).

This journal and brain-training guide was created to provide a source of organized accountability to support you in designing rituals that will help you clearly see the opportunities available in your business

Online Scheduling

While I initially resisted online booking - I loved my paper "book" - I did come around to see just how valuable this service is for you and your clients.

Schedulicity allows clients to book whenever they want from wherever they want--even when you're not working. It's a fantastic company I can stand behind - and they're giving us a great deal!

Noel Asmar - Uniforms

I love all of Noel's uniforms, but the Tuscan is my favorite treatment room esthetician powersuit.  Noel Asmar is a purpose-driven Uniforms Brand that is authentic, empowering, and dares to be different.

bb club

The Beauty Biz Club™ is the only professional success based society designed to provide the beauty and wellness practitioner with the resources and support needed to become a top earner their industry.

Whether just starting out, or blessed with a full schedule, the support and guidance available in The Beauty Biz Club™ provides everything needed to build, run and flourish in the treatment room.

bb show

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On the Beauty Biz Show Podcast, I'm pulling back the curtain on the business side of the beauty industry. Learn from and be inspired by industry experts who are thriving in this billion dollar + industry. Get inside scoop on how they do it, what matters most, and what's next. Found on iTunes and Stitcher.

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