Virtual Facial Certification

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In a world full of uncertainty, there's one thing I know for sure. My beauty biz has saved my soul more than once, and it is proving to do so again during these unusual times. It's given me purpose and it's given me a feeling of hope as I strive to become a beacon of light for my clients - and for my fellow beauty professionals.

I would love for you to join me as I share how to connect deeply with your clients by standing up and being of service. Your clients are waiting for you to invite them - let me help show you how to go for it!

I am sure we can agree that there's nothing the world needs more of right now than healing and beauty. Let's get to it my fellow creators of beauty and success.

I booked 15 virtual facials in under 24 hours by sending a quick email out to my client list.

After adding the Virtual Facial offering to my website an event planner found my offering and hired me for a corporate facial gig. No joke, I made in one hour what my treatment room generates in 3-4 weeks!

Read on… I offering to show you how to do the same!

borrom lori

If you can relate to any of the following, then Virtual Facial Certification training is for you:

  • You are missing the beauty biz abundance you had prior to March 2020
  • You are looking for a modern and profitable way to create beauty and success
  • You are excited to learn a virtual protocol to confidently perform your skillset
  • You are tired of feeling lost, isolated and helpless
  • You want to stay engaged with clients who are scared to head back to your business.
  • You are ready to create a sustainable business model so that you feel ready for whatever this crazy world send your way
  • You want to create an online business that provides an additional stream of income

Here’s my beauty biz client prediction:

  • Some clients will fly back into your biz
  • Some clients will be less available for (in person) appointments - due to kids at home more than usual and daycare issues
  • Some clients will be TERRIFIED of us touching them - for now and for years to come

Now is the time to step up your Virtual Facial system so you can capture a market that is waiting for you to serve them.

I have been doing virtual facials for 7+ years and this is the 1st time I have ever shared my formula for success - I hope you will join as I share this unique protocol.

I have created a very special offer that is only available for a limited time.

Until now, the only way you could access the Virtual Facial Certification was by joining the Beauty Biz Club, but I am excited to share that the training is now a stand alone product sold for $697.

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Here’s a highlight of what’s included in The Virtual Facial Certification:

  • Designing The Virtual Facial - Sample ideas on how to create a successful system for virtual facial service offering.
  • Liabilities of The Virtual Facial - Sample disclaimers, release, and intake forms.
  • Marketing The Virtual Facial - Sample letters and social media posting suggestions.
  • Checklist The Virtual Facial - Step-by-step set up checklist to help you fool proof your Virtual Facial offering.
  • Certification for The Virtual Facial - Assessment quiz included to help you step into the expertise of this special offering.
  • Sample video of Lori doing a Virtual Facial - So you can see it in action!
  • 10 Tips on how to land a corporate facial gig video.

Sign up now AND save $100 off The Virtual Facial Certification.

This is the perfect time to get ready market this amazing service for Mother's Day! What an awesome way to be of service to those who can’t be in person, but want to connect during this special holiday.

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Oh wow. This training was so detailed and empowering Lori! Simply wonderful. Thank you so much for equipping us with the necessary tools and guidance so we can bravely pivot towards something that is (likely) uncharted territory for many of us.

- Pamela S., Virtual Facial Certified Esthetician

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Thank you, Lori, for the training, I enjoyed both the worksheets and the Demo! I actually took a virtual myself a month ago just to see how others are doing the consult, and even it was from one of esthetic world gurus, she haven't covered a half of what's in your protocol.

- Olga K., Virtual Facial Certified Esthetician

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The Virtual Facial Certification course was so informative, and full of such useful tips to get me started today! It literally hands me the tools I need, saving me so much time. Instead of spending countless hours trying to set this up on my own, I can use my time doing what I love and generating income.

- Theresa T. Virtual Facial Certified Esthetician

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Thank you so much Lori for creating this certification! I loved all the information you have provided and I am so excited to start offering this service.

- Laura Z., Virtual Facial Certified Esthetician

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I sent out these 8 Valentine's themed Virtual Facials yesterday for a family facial party. I just now received a separate order for 6 more, for a birthday party. This is SO MUCH work but really fun, I love doing it. And have to keep reordering supplies!

- Carol Y., Virtual Facial Certified Esthetician