15 Arch Addicts – Sharing the Love in the Brow Industry

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Today I’m excited to explore the growing industry of brow treatments with Diana Roth, one of the masters behind Arch Addicts.

Arch Addicts is made up of a trio of visionary brow artists all based in the midwest: Niki Robison, Angela Lutz, and today’s guest, Diana.

If you’ve wondered how to leverage social media to help your business, this episode is for you. I found these gals on their killer social media platforms, where they feature work of brow specialists around the country. Their goal is to promote, educate, and inspire you!

In this episode, you’ll hear Diana’s story of starting her own business, tips on her favorite products, and her thoughts on brow industry trends.

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Doing brows is an art, and it’s not really something that we’re taught in school.”

Show Notes:

  • Who are the Arch Addicts
  • Why estheticians need a community
  • Community versus competition
  • How social media can help your business
  • The power of losing your job
  • The importance of good management
  • Why you should educate yourself in business
  • What are the benefits of sharing work
  • The power of Instagram for the esthetics industry

We want to show these girls that they’re kicking butt.”

  • What goes into a brow treatment
  • How a brow treatment can be a gateway to other treatments
  • The value of client tutorials
  • Why you should have retail in your salon
  • The importance of being honest with your clients
  • Why you have to think about what you’re doing before you start
  • Why details are important
  • The value of being receptive and continuing education

I was running my own business all along, whether I was working for someone else or for myself.”

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Find what you love to do and be the best at it.”

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