81 Better not Bitter

By Lori Crete | Beauty Biz Show

Jul 30
Lori Crete on The Beauty Biz Show

Do you get bitter or better? People ask me all the time if I ever have a bad day, and the answer is yes. So listen in to all the gory details, and I’m also going to tell you about how I REGROUP.

I very recently sold my spa and left Los Angeles, and I was nervous about my first few weeks in my new place. Then, my “Eat, Pray, Love” plan for myself turned into total chaos. I’ll tell you all about it and how to deal with things when they don’t go how you expect on today’s show.

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This is your opportunity to become bitter or better, you choose.” – Lori Crete

Show Notes:

  • How to deal with transitions
  • What to do when things go differently than you expect
  • What happens when someone uses your trademark name
  • Why you should look for a sign
  • What you can learn from difficult situations

These things are happening to teach you something, and you’ll figure out what it is.” – Lori Crete


About the Author

A finalist for American Spa Magazine’s 2017 Women in Wellness Mentor of the Year, Lori Crete is a highly sought after industry expert and licensed celebrity esthetician. Owner of Southern California’s Spa 10, she is also the founder of The Beauty Biz Club™, a success-based society dedicated to helping beauty practitioners around the world fill their schedule, increase profits and break through to the 6-figure mark.