70 Bronwyn Ison – How Local Marketing Tools Created a Business Success

By Lori Crete | Beauty Biz Show

Feb 19
Bronwyn Ison on The Beauty Biz Show with Lori Crete

My guest today, Bronwyn Ison, owns a yoga studio in La Quinta, California. Her classes are awesome! If you’re ever in the Palm Springs area and want a really good class then make sure to check out her studio.

I brought Bronwyn on today’s show because I know that a lot of you are going to be very motivated by her story. She was dealt an unexpected hardship, and she kept taking the necessary steps she needed to provide for her and her two children.

Bronwyn is a single mom and a small business owner, and she shares some pretty personal stuff on today’s show. Bronwyn shares great local marketing tips, success tips, and more inspiration.

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“Sometimes poor circumstance can lead you to the other end of that rainbow where you get that pot of gold.” – Bronwyn Ison

Show Notes:

  • How to holistically cure pneumonia
  • Why postcards still work for marketing
  • How local publications can help your business
  • Why consistency is necessary for business growth
  • How do you start your own business
  • What is market research
  • The importance of being involved in the community
  • How to contact local media about your work
  • Why you should do customer surveys

I ended up healing myself through diet and through utilizing the breath and breathing techniques in yoga.” – Bronwyn Ison”Quote from the Show.” – Guest Name

Bronwyn’s 3 types of market research:

    1. Know the demographic around you
    2. Know who your competitors are
    3. Finding a space for your business

“If someone doesn’t want to be apart of my journey, then they are not apart of my destiny and that’s ok… then we just move on.” – Bronwyn Ison

Links Mentioned:

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