119 Corry Jennison – Strengthening Your Business During Uncertain Times

I first met today’s guest and my friend, Corry Jennison, a long time ago when we were both in college.

Corry owns a spa in Dover, New Hampshire. She has amazing business skills, and I had to bring her to the podcast to talk about keeping your business strong during uncertain times.

On this show, Corry talks all about creating her business in a small town, how she bounced back from a sudden loss of a business partner, and the importance of getting involved in the community. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed Corry’s business, and she shares with us what she’s done to overcome those challenges.

I had so much fun doing this interview and I think you’ll love this episode.

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“Your client list is your biggest business asset.” – Corry Jennison

Show Notes:

  • The challenge of overcoming a sudden loss of a business partner
  • What the benefits are of having an aestheticians business in a small town
  • The importance of getting involved in the community
  • How to build a good team
  • The best way to communicate with your clients during uncertain times
  • The importance of letting your clients know you are ok and you are coming back

“Don’t sell your soul for cash flow.” – Corry Jennison

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Corry Jennison:

 Facebook | Instagram | Skin Health Medi-Spa

“If you are leader and you own a SPA, your team will remember how you showed up – or if you did not, they’re going to remember.” – Corry Jennison

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