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Today I’m excited to bring you an interview with waxing guru Crickett Enos, also known as The Wax Chick.

Crickett is filling a void in the marketplace by providing further education on waxing so we can wax away! She has a waxing certification program that goes into much more depth than most people get in school, as well as products like hard wax, soft wax, a pre- and post-wax balm, plus a dusting powder.

This interview is so great, and Crickett’s energy and sense of humor shine as she shares trade secrets, her favorite tools, and tips she’s learned along the way.

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Education is power both in the hands of us as estheticians and our clients.”

Show Notes:

  • How she transitioned from Silicon Valley to becoming an esthetician
  • About the weirdest job she ever had
  • Who gave her the advice to get her esthetician license
  • How she adjusted her expectations coming out of school
  • Why she decided to move into education
  • Why you should post your training certificates in your room
  • How she does international training workshops
  • Why estheticians are trying to catch up on services they don’t offer

Clients are getting more and more savvy about things.”

  • Why advanced waxing education is so important
  • The value of having a well trained staff
  • What her online course involves
  • The importance of confidence
  • The difference between hard wax and soft wax
  • What’s different about Crickett’s products
  • The benefit of educating your clients
  • The fine line between being the expert and listening to your client
  • How to do the messy brow trend

95% of men are doing some kind of manscaping down there.”

Crickett’s 3 tips to Create Beauty Biz Success:

  1. You have to do brows and Brazilians, and you have to do them well
  2. You don’t have to build your business from scratch
  3. You have to educate your client

It’s invaluable to a spa owner to have a staff that is trained and can bring in that extra profit for them.”

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The number one thing to do is get education, because the more you learn, the more confident you feel.”

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