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Today I talk with Dr. Iris Rubin about her shampoo. I am obsessed with it. Dr. Rubin is a board-certified dermatologist, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, and the Founder of SEEN Haircare. In this episode, she and I talk about SEEN, the company that was born out of her own struggles with breakouts caused by her haircare routine. Like me, she has created something from scratch during the pandemic, so I am extra excited to share this conversation with you. We unpack the science behind irritants and allergens in our haircare products that clog our pores and Dr. Iris shares her favorite and least favorite parts of her job.

Listen to this episode to learn how shampoo affects the skin, how to protect your hair as it heals from stress, and how she got her beauty products into Ulta.

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“We believe that haircare is skincare.” – Dr. Iris Rubin

Show Notes:

  • COVID-19 and hair loss
  • How to protect your hair as it heals from stress
  • Does shampoo affect the skin
  • The development period for SEEN products
  • Can shampoo cause acne
  • How Dr. Rubin came up with her company name
  • Getting products into Ulta
  • SEEN’s first big break
  • The science behind hair follicles
  • Hair products and hair shedding
  • How to build a business team
  • Lifting other women up in business

“I was training for business without realizing it.” – Dr. Iris Rubin

Dr. Iris’ Tip to Create Beauty Biz Success:

  1. You don’t have to have all the answers.

“Knowing where you need to get help is really important.” – Dr. Iris Rubin

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Dr. Iris Rubin:

 Facebook | TikTok | Instagram | SEEN

“It’s great to have a plan, but that plan also has to be dynamic.” – Dr. Iris Rubin


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