126 Elisha Reynoso – Owner of Maven Skin and Beauty on Overcoming the Pandemic Challenges in Business

I am super excited to share my interview with a fellow esthetician, Elisha Reynoso, the owner of Maven Skin and Beauty here in California.

Elisha has been an esthetician for over 20 years, and she has owned her facial spa for almost 4 years. Elisha is full of great tips and information about how to stay strong during those incredibly challenging times.

We all know how important it is to communicate and hear from other people, that’s why I decided to bring her to the show today. Elisha talks about how she made more money in April 2020 with her business closed than she made in April 2019 with retail and her business operating normally. She’s shares how she has communicated with her clients during this time, how she has managed her professional and personal life with kids at home, how she’s positioned herself as a strong business in her community, and so much more.

I know we are all hungry for some hope at this time, so I think you will all relate with Elisha as someone who is doing the best she can to make a brighter future in the beauty industry.

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“If you want to grow something, you have to invest time and energy into it.” – Elisha Reynoso

Show Notes:

  • Ways to stay strong during the pandemic

  • How to communicate with your clients

  • The importance of managing your professional and personal life

  • What to do to increase your income

  • How to position yourself as a strong business in your community

“As estheticians, we are like healers.” – Elisha Reynoso

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“My people were all thinking creatively about how I could meet them at home.” – Elisha Reynoso


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