13 Eva DeVirgilis – Empowering Women Through Makeup and Performance

Lori Crete - The Beauty Biz Show 500 I am so happy this week to bring you this interview with Eva DeVirgilis.

Eva started out in theater, and learned how to do makeup backstage before stepping under the lights. After taking up makeup artistry to help pay the bills, she found that women were constantly apologizing for their appearance.

Now, Eva uses her everyday encounters with women to encourage them to love themselves as they are.

I think Eva’s message is so powerful, and I know after you listen to this episode that you’ll be itching to watch her TED Talk.

Enjoy my interview with Eva DeVirgilis.

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As an entertainer, my instinct is to take care, to entertain a person who sits in my makeup chair, and make them feel comfortable. “

Show Notes:

  • The joys and struggles of living in New York City
  • How to transition from sales to makeup artistry
  • Why being a performer helps you connect to clients
  • How makeup artistry allows you to be independent
  • How TED Talks connect people from all over the world
  • How to overcome stage fright
  • The feminization of advertising
  • Why you should share your story

When other people share their stories, you relate, and you say, ‘wow, we are all in this together.'”

  • How makeup is a therapy puppet
  • The power of human touch and caring
  • Why women should stop apologizing for their appearance
  • The characteristics of women that accept themselves
  • The importance of loving yourself now
  • Why you should be consistent with your level of service
  • Kindness is everything

When someone sits in my chair, makeup is the medium for us to talk about beauty and life and our insecurities.”

Eva’s 4 tips to Create Beauty Biz Success:

  1. Own who you are
  2. Be kind and honest and appreciative to the people who come to you
  3. Keep studying and learning and perfecting your craft
  4. Overall, be consistent

Am I going to wait till I’m 96? Am I going to wait till I’m possibly sick to appreciate myself? I don’t want to do that!”

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I don’t think miracle creams equal beauty, I think kindness and a happy fulfilled live equals beauty.”


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