116 Jerry Nettuno – Why Schedulicity is FREE From Now Until July

By Lori Crete | Beauty Biz Show

Apr 20
Jerry Nettuno on The Beauty Biz Show with Lori Crete

I’m so excited to have Jerry Nettuno, CEO and founder of Schedulicity, on today’s show.

Jerry’s been on the show before, but I wanted to bring him back on the show to talk about what he is doing during this time period to support his clients.

On today’s show, Jerry talks about how we can use this time right now during the coronavirus crisis to build our businesses. Schedulicity is free from now until July and they are offering all kinds of amazing materials and services for free for new and existing users.

I think you’ll love his energy and optimism.

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“It is the difference between coming out of school and scratching your head like ‘what do I do now?’ And coming out of school and immediately starting to generate revenue.” – Jerry Nettuno

Show Notes:

  • How to build a great team
  • How to apply for a grant with Schedulicity
  • Why you have to treat your business like any relationship that is important to you
  • What Schedulicity Pay is and how it can help your business
  • How to use this time to benefit your business

“Invest a little time in something that’s going to pay off in spades as we go through these challenges.” – Jerry Nettuno

Links Mentioned:

 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Schedulicity

“We’re not going to stick our head in the sand and feel sorry for ourselves, we’re going to use this time to be great.” – Jerry Nettuno


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