19 Laura Cooksey – Stepping Forward into an Expertise in Acne Treatment

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Today, I am so excited to talk with President and Co-Founder of Face Reality, Laura Cooksey.

Laura is known for being an acne expert, but she is also a licensed esthetician and massage therapist. In addition, she’s the creator of Proven Strategies for Treating Acne, a DVD training system.

We covered a range of topics, including the importance of client consultations, how to successfully grow a business, and the value of showing up and coming from a place of empathy.

Laura and I agree on so many things, especially when it comes to owning your success and stepping into it, and I can’t wait for you to hear more.

Enjoy today’s show.

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I want to see results: I want people to have no pain, to have clear skin.”

Show Notes:

  • How struggling with acne led her to skin care
  • How army boot camp helps you run a business
  • Transitioning from massage therapy to specializing in acne
  • The challenges of marketing to clients with acne
  • Why an esthetician can be better than a dermatologist
  • What it’s like performing a niche service
  • The benefits of a comprehensive consultation
  • Why clients need to know what is expected of them
  • What are the most typical types of acne

In my business, I want to under promise and over perform.”

  • The relationship between acne and diet
  • Why acne is an inherited disorder
  • The possibility of long distance treatment
  • How to grow a successful business
  • The importance of being an expert in your specialty
  • Why you should define who you want to treat
  • How achieving clear skin can change your life
  • Why it’s important for clients to be all in
  • The benefit of keeping your prices accessible

You have to take it seriously, because the people coming to you expect you to be the expert.”

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There’s nothing more exciting to me than watching their skin transform.”


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