18 Leah Klasovsky – Exploring Holistic Skin Care and Treatment in Hawaii

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This week I’m excited to introduce Leah Klasovsky, a holistic esthetician and founder and formulator of Leah Lani Skincare in beautiful Hawaii.

I discovered Leah through an article she wrote on Mind Body Green all about the emotional, tender power of facials and massage. It was a powerful piece, and when I shared it I got so much positive feedback that I knew I wanted to learn more about the woman who wrote it.

If you’re the type of person who loves adventure and figuring things out as you go, you’ll love Leah’s story of moving to Hawaii and starting her business backward.

I can’t wait for you to hear more. Thank you for listening.

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Hawaii is like a big hug.”

Show Notes:

  • What it’s like living in Hawaii
  • The effects hormones can have on your skin
  • What holistic esthetics is like
  • Using Instagram as a platform
  • How to decide between practicing esthetics and pursuing products
  • The value of becoming a spa director at a young age
  • How to start your own skin care line

When you truly connect with a person, you can feel stuff that doesn’t need to be said.”

  • The power of grapeseed oil on the skin
  • Why honey can work magic on skin
  • The challenges of having your own skincare line
  • Using Etsy and Farmers Markets as platforms
  • How to let your clients know they’re safe
  • Balancing business with doing what you love for work
  • The power of setting your intention

For them, they needed that connection, that safety, that hour of feeling safe and nurtured.”

Leah’s 3 tips to Create Beauty Biz Success:

  1. Live with intention
  2. Be authentic
  3. Nurture yourself

For most estheticians, it becomes kind of like a therapy session: people trust you, and our job is to listen and be there for them.”

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Someone is entrusting you to hold their face and care for their skin.”

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