178 Lex Dascoli – Founder of Vibes Candles

Today’s guest Lex Dascoli is a part of my daily routine in such a meaningful way. The Founder of Vibes Candles, Lex created her candle business from scratch while juggling the complex facets of running your own business. In this episode, she and I talk about how she decided to become a candlemaker, what her job entails, and what her best and worst days look like as a beauty entrepreneur. We also offer tips on how to choose a company name, product price point, and email marketing campaign that works for your business.

Listen in to learn how and why Lex started Vibes Candles, what she learned about her business during the pandemic, and why it pays to put all your energy into one product at a time.

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“In a time of darkness you find your light again, and my light was literally Vibes Candles.” – Lex Dascoli

Show Notes:

  • How did Lex decide to become a candlemaker
  • Why did Lex start Vibes Candles
  • Where is the name Vibes Candles from
  • How to choose your price point
  • Should you use email marketing
  • Which social media platforms should you use for marketing
  • What do Lex’s best and worst days look like

“I care so much about who is buying my products.” – Lex Dascoli

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Lex Dascoli:

 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Vibes Candles

“Email is super important.” – Lex Dascoli




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