143 Makhosi The Royal Shaman – Spiritual Guide for Business Empires

Today’s show is going to be pretty different from our usual episodes.

I sit down with Makhosi The Royal Shaman, Human Potential Expert and Spiritual Ascension Master. A fully-initiated Sanusi (Zulu Shaman), Makhosi Nejeser trained in Ancient Egyptian Spirituality through the Dogon Mystery School and now works as a Spiritual Guide and Shaman to help her clients fulfill their highest potential. With the recent pandemic, she has pivoted her business to focus more on supporting entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses that allow them to become their fully expressed selves and have an incredible life while they’re at it. She explains how we, as beauty providers, can stop feeling stuck in limbo and start new patterns in our careers.

Listen in to find out how to confidently move forward even in uncertain times, how to figure out what people need right now and create space for them, and why beauty is critical for our well-being.

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“The things you’re doing are only as good as the version of you that’s doing them.” – Makhosi The Royal Shaman

Show Notes:

  • What is a shaman
  • Can a shaman help with family issues
  • What did Makhosi do before becoming a shaman
  • How do you know you’re ready to switch careers
  • How do you become a shaman
  • What is the initiation like for a shaman
  • How to put yourself first
  • How to get back into alignment
  • The benefits of keeping a journal
  • What is Oudh and how is it used

“So often we think that everything should just be sweet, but in nature, poison is actually sweet and medicine is bitter.” – Makhosi The Royal Shaman

Makhosi’s 3 Tips to Create Beauty Biz Success:

  1. Address what people have gone through last year
  2. Find out what people need
  3. Innovate to adjust your practices to better serve your needs

“A cry per week keeps your sanity. Everyone should be crying regularly.” – Makhosi The Royal Shaman

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“People are rejecting the way that we were working and running business before.” – Makhosi The Royal Shaman


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