10 Mary Schook – Beauty Pioneer & Cosmetic Formulator

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This week I’m excited to introduce you to Mary Schook. Mary got her start in the fashion industry, and became renowned makeup artist.

Now a licensed esthetician and spa-owner, she is also a cosmetic formulator known for introducing beauty innovations to mainstream consumers.

If you are looking for up and coming products to use in your spa, Mary is a great resource. In our interview, she reveals what to keep an eye out for, and tells you where you can learn more about the products she loves.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Mary Schook.

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You can really change the world for the better with just a facial.”

Show Notes:

  • The importance of products in expanding your business
  • Why you should always be prepared for an emergency
  • The importance of confidence and standing your ground
  • How to transition from fashion to esthetics
  • How fixing people on the outside can fix them on the inside
  • The danger of discounts
  • Why you should diversify your services
  • How to find the right sale system
  • When to fire your clients
  • The importance of nurturing relationships

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: what kind of experience would you want?”

  • How to retain clients
  • The intimacy of skin care
  • The process of creating a product that doesn’t exist
  • How a science background can help you discover products
  • Why you need to know the ins and outs of trends
  • How to get press placement
  • Working with silk worm cocoons
  • Why you should do your research
  • The death of mega-spas

When you’re offering a service, you’re also offering a way of life and a philosophy.”

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I have a thirst for knowledge, I want to know how something ticks.”

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