The Most Valuable Skill

By Lori Crete | Business Building

Oct 17

The Marketing ProtocolThe number one question I get from beauty biz practitioners is this…

My business could use a boost, what should I learn next?

What’s the most valuable skill I really need to know in order to have a successful Beauty Biz?

Now, I know that the answer they’re looking for is what technique they should learn next.

Or maybe, what new piece of equipment that they should purchase.

But the truth is, there’s no “most valuable technique” and no “must have” piece of equipment.

The #1 most valuable skill you can learn in order to boost your beauty biz is: Marketing.


Without this piece, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are or how many pieces of fancy equipment you have in your treatment room.


Marketing is the only way most of your potential clients will be able to find you.

Anytime I see a beauty biz practitioner struggling to get clients in the door, before I even look at their business, I already know that the biggest problem has to do with the way they are marketing their business.

The good news is that you don’t need a degree in Marketing in order to market yourself and your business effectively. It’s not hard, though admittedly, it can be confusing to figure out on your own.

At it’s most simple level, marketing is about building relationships with people. The finer details such as how, when, where, etc… are the learned skills that will serve you best.

The basics are:

  1. Figure out where your ideal clients spend their time.
  2. Get yourself there and involved so they can get to know you.
  3. Build relationships with them – engage in conversations, meaning listen AND contribute.
  4. Pay attention for opportunities to share what you do and invite them in.

There are very few passive forms of marketing yourself that bring you any kind of success. The world just doesn’t work that way. You have to get out of your comfort zone and start showing up to earn the business of the people who need your services.

It doesn’t have to be hard – just get out there and start!

If you want to go deeper with opening up your marketing efforts, check out The Marketing Protocol here. It’s a great targeted program that will have you up and running in no time at all.



About the Author

A finalist for American Spa Magazine’s 2017 Women in Wellness Mentor of the Year, Lori Crete is a highly sought after industry expert and licensed celebrity esthetician. Owner of Southern California’s Spa 10, she is also the founder of The Beauty Biz Club™, a success-based society dedicated to helping beauty practitioners around the world fill their schedule, increase profits and break through to the 6-figure mark.