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Noel Asmar is the powerhouse founder of the Noel Asmar Group, previously Spa Uniforms. What began as a hobby has become a beautiful, thoughtful brand focused on estheticians. Noel knows how important it is for us to be dynamic and comfortable in our uniforms, and she knows how to do it in style.

It’s not just about the product. This stellar woman started her own brand from the ground up, and is now hugely successful. She has satellite offices popping up all around the world.

Noel is an inspirational, thoughtful woman, and I’m so excited to share her story with you.

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Show Notes:

  • Her youth in Vancouver, BC
  • On majoring in hotel management and marketing
  • Her move to Beirut for hotel management and how she stayed for ten years
  • How she left hotel world to join a marketing firm for 4 and 5 star properties worldwide
  • She started designing clothes for herself and friends, did two full women’s collections
  • Her purpose became a huge necessity in the design process
  • How melding design and hospitality was something she could be passionate about
  • Why estheticians have a very physical job and need to be able to move
  • How spas are no longer a luxury but part of the hospitality business model

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  • The importance of spas and estheticians taking their brand seriously
  • Being purposeful and spending your time well
  • How women in leadership roles allow their careers to create a path for them
  • The importance of representing the esthetician role and be inspirational to your clients
  • How first impressions can have a huge impact
  • Our team is like family, full of unique visions and styles
  • Your customers are important to you, let them know they’re important!
  • The globalization of her brand

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Noel’s 3 tips to Create Beauty Biz Success:

  1. Be disciplined about your branding
  2. Continue to diversify
  3. Tap into your resources

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