127 Sheryl Lowe – Creative Designer and Founder of Sheryl Lowe Jewelry

Today I’m talking with Sheryl Lowe, a trained artist, dynamic creative, and the founder of Sheryl Lowe jewelry.

She makes jewelry with precious metals and the finest stones sourced from all over the world. As such an inspiring and amazing entrepreneur, Sheryl talks about how she made her move from makeup artistry and built a career designing jewelry.

On this show, Sheryl reflects on the first steps in her career, the importance of finding a mentor, how she grew as a businesswoman in a male-dominant field, and her mentality and motivation for designing her jewelry. She also shares good tips for those of you who work in the beauty industry but want to step into a different area of passion and how to create profit in the journey. Also, I had to ask Sheryl about her marriage with Hollywood actor, Rob Lowe. Sheryl talks about how she met Rob, the kind of man he is, and what is like to be married to him.

I loved our interview, and I think Sheryl has a strong empowering message to share with everyone listening to the show!

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“I genuinely started my business because it was a burning desire within me.” – Sheryl Lowe

Show Notes:

  • What it was like to start a career as a model

  • How Sheryl became a makeup artist

  • The importance of having a mentor

  • What it is like to be married to Rob Lowe

  • The secret to making a successful career switch

  • How to step into a different area of passion and create profit

“Start small and build strong foundations before you move onto the next one.” – Sheryl Lowe

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  • Connect with Sheryl Lowe:

 Facebook | Instagram | Sheryl Lowe Jewelry

“Love what you do and do what you love.” -Sheryl Lowe


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