130 Terri Bryant – The founder of GUIDE BEAUTY on Pivoting in Business

My guest Terri Bryant is the founder of GUIDE BEAUTY. I wanted Terri to come on the show so she could share how she pivoted her career after a medical diagnosis AND show us her beautiful makeup line. I originally recorded this episode as a YouTube video, so if you want to see Terri putting her makeup on, you can checkout the YouTube video here.

Terri has worked as a makeup artist and makeup educator teaching for brands like Dior and Stila and leading education departments for Smashbox and Josie Maran. After realizing that Terri had a knack for educating people on how to apply makeup, Terri created GUIDE BEAUTY which designs tools that guide your hand to better and easier apply makeup.

On this show, Terri talks about what it was like to face one of the biggest challenges in her career when she discovered she had Parkinson’s after struggling with certain makeup techniques. The way that she decided to pivot within her career is truly remarkable. She also shares the importance of a having mentor and maintaining relationships, how she started her career, the moment she decided to start her company GUIDE BEAUTY, and how in the end, her Parkinson’s diagnosis was a really gift in her life.

I cannot wait to share Terri’s story with you. To me, she is such an inspiration in our beauty biz world, and I bet you will think so too.

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“At the end of the day you still have only 2 options, you stop and sit in your sadness or you take charge and move forward.” – Terri Bryant

Show Notes:

  • How to overcome challenges
  • What it takes to become a makeup artist
  • How Terri found her mentor in business
  • The importance of good relationships
  • How she discovered she had Parkinson’s
  • What the golden opportunity meant for Terri
  • How to wear makeup correctly
  • How to pivot from challenging situations

“We are not defining a person, we are creating a community.” – Terri Bryant

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Terri Bryant:

 Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | GUIDE BEAUTY

“You don’t have to know everything.” – Terri Bryant


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