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Today I’m excited to introduce you to Tony Picciano, CEO of NeurotriS and the inventor of the microcurrent machine I use and love. Microcurrent has made a massive difference in my beauty biz – I’m booked solid all day long and it is my signature treatment. I wanted to shed some light on the technology and equipment as well as the benefits you can expect to see if you invest in offering micro current to your clients.

Listen in as we cover some of the benefits and basics of microcurrent technology, which is really mind-blowing. It can be confusing, but Tony makes it really easy to understand and I think you’ll really love this episode.

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Our bodies are basically electrical, and they run of off electromagnetic energy.” – Tony Picciano

Show Notes:

  • How I met Tony Picciano
  • The amazing business I got from buying Tony’s machine
  • His transition from engineering to the beauty biz world
  • How he ended up building the microcurrent machine
  • What is microcurrent

The skin is a resistant barrier: it keeps out toxins from the pollutants outside. It also blocks microcurrent.” – Tony Picciano

  • How microcurrent helps with the body’s processes
  • The difference between the machines for the face and body
  • What facial microcurrent can do for you
  • The effects the body microcurrent can have
  • Why his company went through getting FDA regulated

Microcurrent is the right amount of current, the type of frequency, the type of signal with the right voltage and the right output and the right amplitude all together makes a perfect machine.” – Tony Picciano

Links Mentioned:

  • Make sure to check out NeurotriS
  • Connect with Tony:

 Facebook | Twitter

Our machine is in harmony with our body’s biological processes.” – Tony Picciano

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