199 Wende Zomnir – Urban Decay | Caliray and Sustainable Beauty

Today’s guest Wende Zomnir is the co-founder and founding partner of the iconic Urban Decay makeup brand. She started the company out of her bungalow in 1996, making waves by creating makeup for everyone back when makeup was still mostly for the stereotypical beautiful woman.

In this episode, Wende talks about how it felt selling her first brand, Urban Decay, and what she learned from her first business that she carried with her into her new sustainable beauty brand, Caliray. We also discuss the importance of networking and connection as a huge business builder and share financial advice for creatives.

Listen to this episode to learn how to conceptualize your first product, how to deal with waste in the makeup industry, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate everything.

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“That is kind of how it started for me: wishing I was cute in my aerobics outfit.” – Wende Zomnir

Show Notes:

  • How did Wende Zomnir help found Urban Decay
  • What was the idea behind the Urban Decay Naked Palette
  • How to conceptualize your first product
  • Why did Wende found Caliray
  • How to deal with waste in the makeup industry
  • Why and how did Wende sell Urban Decay
  • How Wende celebrates her successes
  • Where to buy Caliray products
  • What is the vision of the future for Wende
  • How to create a sustainable beauty brand

“We wanted to combine a super high quality of prestige and the more fun kooky aspects of the self-expression piece.” – Wende Zomnir

Wende’s 5 Tips to Create Beauty Biz Success:

  1. Find someone who is great operationally and with money
  2. Turn up your scrappy volume
  3. Hire the best, most senior people you can
  4. Buy your inventory tight
  5. Always avoid lighting money on fire

“I am always learning something new; the thing that seemed the most sustainable maybe wasn’t.” – Wende Zomnir

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Wende Zomnir:

 Facebook | TikTok | Instagram | Caliray Beauty

“I loved the power of transformation. That really spoke to me.” – Wende Zomnir



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