137 Zoya Varela – How to Use Social Media to Create Revenue

My guest, Zoya Varela, is about to revolutionize the way you deal with your social media!

Zoya is the founder of Socially Brand, a social media management and support business that helps beauty businesses use social media to generate revenue. I truly believe she is a missing key in our industry, and I am so excited to share with you this informative and fun episode.

On today’s show, Zoya talks about the importance of having a social media, why you should get comfortable generating content on Instagram, how to lighten up and have fun online, and the importance of being authentic to yourself and your company. She also talks about what you should include and what you omit from your business social media pages, and her most juicy social media tips.

I truly think that you’ll love today’s show.

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“Sometimes people worry more about likes and less about sales.” – Zoya Varela

Show Notes:

  • How to avoid the stress associated with the social media marketing
  • Why social media is essential for business owners
  • How you can get more comfortable making Instagram videos
  • How to avoid being unproductive on social media
  • Why and how to build a content calendar
  • What to avoid posting about on your business page
  • How to lighten up and have fun on social media
  • The importance of being authentic to yourself and to your company
  • What you should include in your posts to gain traction and attention

“Be aware of how you feel and know when to switch gears.” – Zoya Varela

Links Mentioned:

 Facebook | Instagram | Socially Brand

“Pay attention to what you post and what people are liking so that you can create more of that content.” – Zoya Varela


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