109 Takeaways From 2019

By Lori Crete | Beauty Biz Show

Dec 30
The Beauty Biz Show with Lori Crete

Today I share with you my yearly reflection ritual and my top 10 takeaways from 2019.

This year was full of teachings for me as I settled into my new business.

I talk about what I learned about building a business, dealing with clients’ energy, manifesting, taking care of myself and much more.

Have a happy and healthy 2020!

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“I, we, and you – we have everything it takes to build the life that we desire.” – Lori Crete

Show Notes:

  • Why do an end of the year ritual
  • How to get your business ready for the new year
  • What is a BCE
  • How to change your life
  • Why have a success mantra
  • How to deal with heavy energy
  • The importance of manifesting
  • How to start over
  • Why passion is contagious
  • What clients pay for

“What I needed to start over from scratch and become booked perfectly was confidence, creativity, systems, and I needed to be around people who inspire me.” – Lori Crete

Links Mentioned:

“Bravely believing in yourself comes with great rewards.” – Lori Crete


About the Author

A finalist for American Spa Magazine’s 2017 Women in Wellness Mentor of the Year, Lori Crete is a highly sought after industry expert and licensed celebrity esthetician. Owner of Southern California’s Spa 10, she is also the founder of The Beauty Biz Club™, a success-based society dedicated to helping beauty practitioners around the world fill their schedule, increase profits and break through to the 6-figure mark.