162 Solocast- The F Word

Today we are talking about F-words, both the good and the bad. Don’t worry if you are listening along with your kids, as we will not be including any explicit F-words in this roundup. I hope this insight helps you feel…more normal, as well as more inspired and empowered to go after your beauty biz dreams. In this episode, I share a roundup of the really good F-words that are needed to grow your business as well as potential faults and fluff that can hinder your business growth.

Listen in to learn two words to pay attention to regarding social media, success tips for your spa menu, and key ways to hone your spending strategy.

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“We are all dealing with the good and the bad energy of these F-words.” – Lori Crete

Show Notes:

  • Posturing versus positioning
  • Why you should let go of the fluff
  • How to simplify your online menu
  • Success tips for your spa menu
  • Ways to hone your spending strategy
  • Questions to ask yourself about your business budget

“Clever doesn’t always attract like clarity does.” – Lori Crete

Lori’s False and Fluffy Beliefs:

  1. Feelings about social media
  2. Optimize your online menu
  3. Spending money without a growth strategy
  4. Thinking you can do it all on your own
  5. Big goals
  6. Too busy to reach your full potential
  7. Pretense versus practicality

Lori’s Good F-Words – Favorable and Foundational:

  1. Being authentic on social media
  2. Clear service menu
  3. Welcoming support in weak areas
  4. Taking time and responsibility for business growth accomplishment
  5. Hands-off business growth enhancer

“It is best to delegate what depletes you.” – Lori Crete

Links Mentioned:

“Practicality always wins in the achievement department.” – Lori Crete



About the Author

A finalist for American Spa Magazine’s 2017 Women in Wellness Mentor of the Year, Lori Crete is a highly sought after industry expert and licensed celebrity esthetician. Owner of Southern California’s Spa 10, she is also the founder of The Beauty Biz Club™, a success-based society dedicated to helping beauty practitioners around the world fill their schedule, increase profits and break through to the 6-figure mark.